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Our Real Estate Photography Team is Growing!

Our team of photographers is growing! We're happy to welcome our new Affiliate Partner Nathan Nieri of Nieri Creative to our team!

Nathan "Nate" is not only a photographer but is also a licensed real estate agent. Nate has a background of 15 years in Photography and also specializes in all levels of video production.

Being an active real estate agent, Nate knows exactly what realtors need from a photography shoot. He can also provide on-site aerial photos of a home if needed. You can learn more about Nate's photography work and other passion projects at his website

Nate and his wife live in Boiling Springs, PA with their two daughters where he spends some of his free time documenting the lives of hikers on the Appalachian Trail. He grew up in Michigan but now calls Pennsylvania his home in Boiling Springs. This gives him easy access to both the Gettysburg and Carlisle areas but he also doesn't mind working in the Harrisburg and York areas as well.

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