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Professional Real Estate MLS photos   - Starting at $140.00
* Free Promotion Floor Plan available
with every interior shoot.

Photographs are taken by one of our photographers who will take the time to produce the highest quality work to help you sell the property. Photos are edited by our own in-house people and returned to you by the following evening.

  • 25-40 Professional HDR Photographs for MLS

  • Secure access to your own photo download area

  • Sky replacements included if necessary

  • Free twilight conversion photo

  • Next day turn-around time

  • Add rush service for $30

$20 for each additional 5 photos over 40 ($4 per photo)

Aerial Real Estate Photos  - Starting at $75.00*


We offer professional aerial photography and video for Real Estate and Commercial properties.


*Prices start at $75 if added to an existing photo package while we are already at the property. If done at a separate time, it is a stand alone session.

We capture the aerial photos while on site to do photos so you get your interior, exterior and aerial photos all at the same time with a fast turnaround!

* Stand-alone aerial photo sessions are $150 and will provide you with 10-15 high resolution images.

Luxury Real Estate Photography


We specialize in capturing the beauty of luxury homes of all sizes. Special homes require special attention and we can provide the time and experience needed.

We focus on details like accurate colors, smart composition, time and dates for the best light and weather and more.

We offer additional time for both capturing and editing as well as other styles of capturing such as flash-ambient and twilight photography.

In addition to our standard rate we charge for additional time spent capturing and time for more detailed editing.

Virtual Tour Packages - Starting at $200

Our Virtual Tours all include free hosting and are compatible on all phones, computers and mobile devices. They are all VR Ready, with support for all VR Devices. Our tours are HIGH RESOLUTION with incredible detail! You can view in all directions, up or down, and even zoom in for more detail.

View some example tours by Clicking Here

Call us for a quote once we've received more information about the home.

Floor Plans With Measurements     $60 for any home!
* Free Promotion Floor Plan available
with every interior shoot.

1323Taxville Rd-single-floor_2.jpg

These floor plans include room measurements and will also allow buyers to better visualize the space and layout of a home. Details on the floor plans will include the location of appliances, sinks, utilities, windows, closets and even which ways the doors open. Even decks and porches are included!


​These floor plans are only offered as an add-on to an existing photo shoot for a real estate listing.

$15 additional for measurements over 5,000 sq ft.

Call to schedule a session 717-880-4866

Walk-through videos     Starting at $100.00

walkthrough video.jpg

We charge $100.00 in addition to an existing photo-shoot package for a 2 minute walkthrough video. These videos are simple with no music, text or logos.

Realtors can upload these videos to use as Zillow walkthrough videos or use them on social media.

Virtual Staging $30.00 per photo


We use Apply Design for Virtual Staging to digitally render furniture and decor to empty rooms. 

This is a nice way to showcase an empty home.

High Resolution Videos


We have several options for "YouTube" style videos that are great for showcasing a home on social media and on your website

  • Still Photo Slideshow

  • Drone Captured

  • Hand Captured

  • Mix Drone + Hand

Pricing ranges from $200 to $500 and could be higher for larger luxury homes. We provide both a branded and unbranded copy to use as an MLS virtual tour. 

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