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Virtual Aerials With Contoured Parcel Lines

We are excited to announce that we are the first real estate photography company to offer 3D virtual aerial photos with GPS accurately drawn parcel lines from any angle or any altitude.

If you're tired of the smoke and haze and you can't wait for nicer weather, these images make excellent alternative options for aerial imagery. Unlike drones, these have no altitude restrictions, so there is no property too large to capture from every possible angle.

We use special high resolution satellite imagery with GPS drawn accurate parcel lines from multiple angles. There is no guessing where the corners are as we use data points from ArcGIS to create these outlines. Our 3D terrain shows the actual slope and contour of the parcel in each image. We provide 10 views from various altitudes and angles with parcel lines that follow the terrain in each image. These images are only to be used for marketing purposes and not to be used for survey purposes.

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