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Virtual Aerial Imagery With Contoured Parcel Lines

We use high resolution satellite imagery with GPS drawn accurate parcel lines from multiple angles. There is no guessing where the corners are as we use data points to create these outlines. Our 3D terrain shows the actual slope and contour of the parcel in each image. We provide 10 views from various altitudes and angles with parcel lines that follow the terrain in each image. These images are only to be used for marketing purposes and not to be used for survey purposes.

Sample 001b.jpg




Sample 003b.jpg


Sample 005.jpg


Intended for large parcels of land, this is a much more affordable option than hiring a drone photographer. You can get crisp and detailed imagery depsite the weather or season. Drone photographers are legally limited to flying below 400ft which makes it impossible to capture large acreage properties from higher altitudes.


We offer this service virtually anywhere in the United States depending on the availability of the data we need. There may be an additional fee if we need to purchase additional data. Parcel lines are based on the most current tax records database that we have access to. You can provide us with new data or a plat map that we can use to provide current parcel lines.

$75.00 USD for a set of 10 images or $50.00 as as an add-on to one of our photography packages

Thank you for your request. You will hear from us within 24 hours to confirm.

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