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360 Degree Kitchen Transformation

Click the link to experience this 360 Degree Kitchen Transformation!

Real Estate Virtual House Tour for Keystone Custom Homes

Click here to see a kitchen transformation in a full 360 degrees. This is an interactive tour created by our immersive media company, Open.Tours LLC. By clicking the transformation button you'll be able to revert back and forth to before and after the remodel project completed by Landis Custom Cabinetry & Woodworking of York, PA. We worked with Mike Landis before he started tearing into this project by capturing photos and high resolution tour imagery. We then created a button that would allow you to view the before and after states of the kitchen remodel in real-time and in all directions.

This was our first project where we applied this transition effect to before and after a project was completed. We're currently working on another larger project with Keystone Custom Homes that will utilize the same feature for an entire new home build. We will give you the ability to see through the walls of a completely finished home by simply clicking a button. You'll get a glimpse inside the construction of the building, its wiring and the bare-bones of the structure.

This ability to view the before and after of a remodel project like this can be useful in many ways to the builder and his clients for future projects. The dramatic effect of seeing the change can be benefiical for any potential client that may want to see how it would look to see a kitchen or any other part of their home go through a similar change. Because we develop our own platform we're able to provide a completely customized look and feel to the digital demonstration. This entire project only costed the builder $400 and included professional photos from before and after the project. Quite affordable when considering the unlimited potential for having this interactive feature available on their website, social media and on any mobile device. There's no need to install any special software, simply open the link in any browser on any device, or embed it in a website and everybody can use it!

If you are a Realtor or a Builder, let us create a fully immersive experience to let potential buyers experience the space and features of the home as if they were standing there themselves. Call us today to setup a free consultation.

OpenHouse.Tours 717-880-4866

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