Google See-Inside "The Embers Restaurant"

February 20, 2016



Do you know that restaurant that you pass all the time and ask yourselves "Why don't we ever eat there?".  It's been there as long as you've remembered. The food was great and you never had a complaint, but you tend get lost in a world of fast food and gas station meals.  The Embers in East York is that very place that you forgot about!  Kathy Kolakoglu and her family have been running this restaurant since 1982. The restaurant has been around even longer than that. We need to support these family run restaurants because they put everything they have into these restaurants and treat you as if you were part of that family when they make your meal and serve it to you.  Kathy makes many of her dessert items herself.  They have a variety of chef special dishes including Greek, Italian and classic American dishes. Every Thursday Night is Greek Festival Night! I admit, I haven't eaten at Embers for years. When I stopped in for lunch and had Fish & Chips, Kathy insisted I try her Tiramasu after I told her its my favorite kind of dessert. She didn't want me to pay for it, she just wanted me to enjoy something I liked so much. This is why I am so happy to have been able to do these photos and virtual tour for Kathy and her family. If you or someone you know could benefit from having a Google See-Inside view for their business, send them to www.Open.Tours! I offer discounts to small businesses and I also include free professional photos that appear directly on your Google Search results.




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