"Open.Tours" (www.open.tours) is an immersive media production company that create virtual media for people and businesses.  We are the first to offer the service of producing 360° virtual reality videos as a service to the York, PA area, along with other media content services.  Our unique VR Videos put you in the center of a location where you can eexperience it as it was filmed. You are watching everything around you all at once as it happens.


A special embedded player, like YouTube, will allow you to share these videos on your own webpages.  Social media outlets like Facebook have already launched their own support for this format of video as well. You don't need to install any special software to view or share these videos as they are already supported by up-to-date web browsers.


To view them on your smart phones you only need a YouTube app or you can install a special player called "Kolor Eyes" which was developed by our virtual reality partner "Kolor" in France.


Open.Tours was founded by photographer, John Beatty of York, PA and is operated by himself, his son, John Beatty Jr. and his wife Jennifer. The mission of Open.Tours is to allow people to experience an event or a location and to visually explore all 360° of the space around them to help realtors, businesses or simply to entertain people.




Founder and owner of Open.Tours, John Beatty, is a published photographer with over 20 years of experience in photography, videography, internet marketing and information technology.